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May I interchange bulb types or wattages while using the same ballast?

NO! Each ballast is designed to operate a certain wattage bulb type. If you are using a 250-watt metal halide, you cannot replace it with a 400-watt metal halide without changing to the appropriate ballast. Likewise, you cannot remove a 250-watt metal halide lamp and replace it with a 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamp without changing the ballast. If you do this, the bulb will either not light or greatly reduce the life of both the light bulb and ballast. A gross mismatch could even cause electrical shock or fire.

What is a ballast, and how does one work?

A ballast is an electrical component used with any arc light bulb or fluorescent bulb to conduct electrical current through the tube. It supplies the initial surge voltage to the bulb, which creates the arc that creates light. Then it regulates the amount of electricity flowing through the bulb so that it emits a constant lumen output.