Robert C. Sorensen

Robert C. Sorensen been chairman CEO of Litetronics since the company was acquired in January 2000. He has more than 30 years of lighting industry experience, having been at the forefront of enviro-friendly lighting, compact fluorescent light bulbs, cold cathode light bulbs and halogen bulbs.

Sorensen was born for the industry, starting and operating five successful lighting companies while acquiring three lighting companies and structuring three international joint ventures.

Before taking over at Litetronics, he spent four years as chairman, president and CEO of Durolite International Inc., a specialty lighting group of companies with annual sales of more than $95 million.

He speaks fluent Mandarin which he learned during his oversight of Litetronics’ international manufacturing facilities in Asia. He also puts his knowledge of language and foreign culture in his private life. “I enjoy reading and learning and helping others succeed while traveling,” he says. “Learning different languages and experiencing different cultures is a passion of mine.”

He is a member of The Illuminating Engineering Society member is also a prolific inventor, holding a number of patents for lighting products.