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TLED Lamps

Litetronics Improves TLED Lamp Efficacy

November 8, 2018
Last year we introduced our improved TLEDs which offered increased lumen per watt efficacy over our previous TLEDs. These improved TLED lamps are available for our T8 and T5 ballast-compatible lamps as well as our single and double ended T8...

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Litetronics Introduces Expanded Line of High-Performance TLEDs

October 18, 2018
For professional lighting users, our expanded line of TLEDs offer a cost-effective, safe, and long-lived plug and play LED alternative to fluorescent lighting. This line of TLED solutions offers users more efficient lighting for a broader range of lighting applications....

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LED Vapor Tight Strip

September 28, 2018
In June of this year we introduced our new LED Vapor Tight Strip. This is a line of low-profile fixtures designed to be rugged and perfect for industrial applications where space is a factor. Offering 130 lumens per watt, and a...

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